Visitor Management Software

Visitor Tracking Software Is a Great Scope for High schools

The ever rising threat and violence that one gets to see all over the world has become a serious concern among the people. In order to keep the students and other staffs of the school completely safe, it would be better to introduce an improved security system.

Visitor tracking software is a new type of system that can ensure the safety of the school staff as well as the students. This kind of software can do away with the age old system of manual-log book for registering the name of the persons who enters the school premises. After all, a manual log book can be easily misplaced. Also, the authenticity of the visitors can’t be verified through the help of log books.

What Is Visitor Management Software?

Before you delve deep into the topic of the software, it is very important to learn about the software. Visitor Management Software or VMS is basically tracking software that basically tracks the visitors who enters a premise. The software before tracking the visitors also create an ID badges for the visitors. The badges provide the visitors access to various areas.

How It Works?

Visitor tracking software is basically installed at the entry points of school gates. When any visitor will try to enter the premises, they will be asked to enter their details. Apart from providing details, camera might capture their picture. While a scanner will scan their details like address and name. All these data gets stored in the database. The stored data can be used by the school authorities for future references.

The badges and cards accessed needs to be places in front of the entry points so that the visitor can get access. The badges are created in such a way that it can restrict a visitor from entering any restricted area. If they try to enter forcefully, alarms will ring. Then the security can take the intruders away from the place.

Why it is Useful?

You might know that schools are often the soft target. If school is not properly protected, it can become very dangerous. The visitor tracking software when used can properly scrutinize the visitors. It checks if the visitors or other members are registered in their data base. They also check if the visitor is a threat to the school or not. If the data of the person or visitor matches in the criteria of a intruder, they won’t be allows any id badges or passes.

Also the tracking software can help school authorities to learn about the whereabouts of the student and other staffs. It can create a security alert and won’t provide entry to any member to a restricted area.

The best thing about the visitor tracking software is that the visitors won’t need to register themselves again and again. The data saved in the database also save time of the visitors.

One gets to see reports of high schools being attacked by terrorist or any anti-social elements. Visitor tracking software can be a great scope for schools. The enhanced security features can keep all staff and students protected from any kind of danger.

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